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السبت، 23 سبتمبر



Choro/Samba/Jazz with Brazilian virtuoso Tiago Souza

An unforgettable night and rare treat for Buffalo: two masters of Brazilian music, Tiago and Rogério Souza, alongside Stephen Guerra of Brazil 716, will perform scorching arrangements of choro, samba, and bossa influenced by American jazz.

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Choro/Samba/Jazz with Brazilian virtuoso Tiago Souza
Choro/Samba/Jazz with Brazilian virtuoso Tiago Souza

الوقت والموقع

23 سبتمبر 2023، 7:00 م – 9:30 م

Buffalo, 19 Wadsworth St, Buffalo, NY 14201, USA


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DOORS @ 6:30PM / SHOW @ 7PM

STAGE AREA : $25 reserved seating

BAR AREA: $15 reserved seating 

*No refund or exchanges *Tickets can be transferred to another person *Unclaimed seats 15 minutes after start time will be open to walk-ins*

 Tiago do Bandolim is one of the great revelations on bandolim (mandolin) and violão tenor (tenor guitar) in modern Brazil. Influenced by two great icons of Brazilian bandolim, Ronaldo do Bandolim (Tiago’s father) and Jacob do Bandolim, Tiago has been rising to the top as part of a great generation of musicians created in the 2000s in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro—a generation that has mixed traditional choro with the more modern languages of MPB, Latin music, and jazz. Tiago has participated in numerous samba and choro albums as well as the DVDs Brasileirinho, a documentary about choro in Rio de Janeiro, “Histórias de um João de Barro” with Bia Bedran and “Geração Semente.” He has been performing in choro festivals alongside the biggest names of the genre and in presentations in Europe and the USA with the samba groups Unha de Gato, Pé de Moleque, and Semente Choro-Jazz. In 2017, he released his first solo album “De Soslaio” featuring his many influences within choro. In 2018, he formed the big band Choro na Rua, which continues to play some of the most publicized shows in the home of choro, Rio de Janeiro.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, 7-string guitarist, composer, and arranger Rogério Souza is one of the great representatives of the carioca language of the Brazilian guitar. He has been involved in the largest events related to MPB (Brazilian popular music), mainly in choro and samba. He’s worked with great Brazilian musicians, including Baden Powell, Paulinho da Viola, Sivuca, Altamiro Carrilho, Paulo Moura, João Bosco, Ivan Lins, Zé Menezes, Guinga, Turíbio Santos, Rafael Rabello, Cristóvão Bastos, Proveta, Ronaldo do Bandolim, Zé da Velha, groups Nó em Pingo D’agua and Grupo Época de Ouro, among others. He’s played in festivals, cultural spaces, and music universities and schools in various corners of the world such as Japan, China, USA, holding concerts and workshops every year at several universities in the USA such as Oberlin, Berklee College of Music, Yale, University of Virginia, JMU, Georgetown, Columbia, Temple, University of Chicago, Notre Dame, SF University, University of California (LA), University of Texas (Valle del Rio Grande), among others. He is currently dedicated to his solo work, giving presentations and workshops on the dissemination of MPB and his latest works on CDs/Books.

Thanks for supporting PAUSA art house, our musicians and live music in Buffalo. "Life is better with friends"



    Direct view of musicians - Please arrive early for best seats

    US$ 25.00
    الضريبة: +US$ 6.25 Ticket Fee
    مباع بالكامل

    Partial & TV view of musicians

    US$ 15.00
    الضريبة: +US$ 3.75 Ticket Fee
    انتهى البيع

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