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الجمعة، 01 نوفمبر


PAUSA art house

Michael Amrose "Abstract Abstractions"

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Michael Amrose  "Abstract Abstractions"
Michael Amrose  "Abstract Abstractions"

الوقت والموقع

01 نوفمبر 2019، 5:00 م – 7:00 م

PAUSA art house, 19 Wadsworth St, Buffalo, NY 14201, USA

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Michael Amrose passion for photography and his creative spirit was directed and profoundly influenced by three Institutions.  CEPA Gallery was highly influential in developing photography fundamentals and techniques as well as his understanding and appreciation of the photographic aesthetics of experimental and contemporary photographs.Following CEPA, he earned his M.A in filmmaking at the Center for Media Study at SUNY at Buffalo.  His education and experience in structural film and documentary filmmaking significantly informed his photographic methodology and philosophy. Though having little to do with photography, CPSI (Creative Problem Solving Institute) was key to both the process he uses to create his photographs and to his photographic images themselves. It was fundamental to unlocking his creativity and imagination and in empowering him to transcend traditional ideas and norms. The creative process is integral to all aspects of his photographic journey. His work has also been recognized with awards received at many exhibitions. It can be found in private collections, businesses and homes in Canada and Western NY.  

Artist Statement 

Over time my photographic interests evolved from representational to abstract photographs where the possibilities to explore and communicate the many dimensions of human emotions and thought are unlimited.  Instead of presenting the external world as we know it with the image as our mirror, I create an ethereal world; a world of emotion, imagination, and inner meaning.  Always searching and experimenting, I seek to push the boundaries of the photographic medium beyond the traditional to something new, never before experienced. My process starts with color, form, line, and shapes having a symbolic, psychological, and cultural affect on the viewer. Applying various unorthodox photographic techniques, my subjects—colored rectangles and line, collages, or curtains—are transformed. They communicate basic human emotions, which in turn evoke emotive responses from the viewer. I'm invested in the process used in creating these images and in the process of creativity itself. My photographs are original and abstract, and they resonate with me in a profound, unconscious, and emotional level as I hope they do for all who experience them.

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